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Milking the Residues: Molecular and Isotopic Signatures from Human Prehistory

MMilking the Residues: Molecular and Isotopic Signatures from Human Prehistory

The value of archaeological pottery has been substantially expanded in the last two decades or so with the realisation that unglazed porous ceramic fabric provides an exceptional repository of biomolecular and stable isotope information. 

The major chemical components absorbed and preserved are lipids, raising numerous possibilities for reconstructing past food acquisition and dietary habits, ritual practices and technological activities. At Old World sites degraded animal fats are by far the most common class of organic residue encountered. Intensive investigation of these residues are providing a range of critical new insights into the ways early farmers managed their stock and how prehistoric people were able to consume milk products despite being lactose intolerant.


Intervenant : la conférence est proposée par Richard Evershed de l’Université de Bristol ( School of Chemistry, University of Bristol).

Elle se déroule dans le cadre de la 4e Réunion des Géochimistes Organiciens.

Attention : cette conférence s’adresse à un public averti

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